Bill McLean to Demonstrate Magnepan Speakers With ZenSati Cables

Bill McLean to use ZenSati Cables to demonstrate Magnepan speakers in Room 404 at the Australian Audio Show in Melbourne 21st to 23rd October 2011.

ZenSati Australia To Premiere Seraphim & Cherub Cables

ZenSati will premiere the Seraphim and Cherub High End interconnect and speaker cables at the Australian Audio Show in Melbourne 21st to 23rd October 2011. These new cables demonstrate the ZenSati patented design.

ZenSati Cables Chosen to Demonstrate KEF Blade speakers

ZenSati cables chosen to demonstrate sublime KEF Blade speakers at audio show in Belgium 2011.

Technical Brain “The Cutting Edge” Reviewed By Jonathan Valin TAS

Technical Brain TPB-Zero EX and TBC-Zero EX are “the highest-resolution, highest-speed, lowest-coloration solid-state electronics” ever reviewed by Jonathan Valin (TAS May-June 2011). “It will come as no surprise that the Technical Brain TBPZeroEX monoblock amps and TBC-Zero EX linestage are my new solid-state references”, said Jonathan Valin of TAS. “They have certainly set new standards […]

Technical Brain Named One of “Ten Most Significant Amplifiers of All Time”

Jonathan Valin of “The Absolute Sound” declares Technical Brain TBP-ZERO Monoblock Amplifiers to be one of “The Ten Most Significant Amplifiers of All Time.” April 1st, 2011 — by Jonathan Valin of the The Absolute Sound “… this 350W Japanese monoblock from designer Naoto Kurosawa is a poster-child for the New Age in high-resolution, low-distortion […]