ZenSati Australia distributes and represents the following products throughout Australia and New Zealand:

Technical Brain Logo

Exquisite, fast, neutral pre-amps and power amps. The new reference in


Robert Koda

Our brand exists because we have something uniquely special and timeless to offer serious music lovers”.



SIMPLICITY IS THE ESSENCE OF BRILLIANCE. “TRINITY DAC represents the next quantum leap into a new era of music reproduction.”


Dalby Audio Design

Bespoke Audio Components and Isolation Devices handcrafted in England.


LA Sound Logo

Fabulous pure silver and silver alloy


Arteluthe Logo

Revolutionary speakers from


Vertere Logo

Nothing will prepare you for the ultimate in analogue vinyl replay. Reference Tonearm, Reference Turntable, and Pulse-HB Reference Phono


Arya Audio Labs Logo

Ultra-advanced vibration control


ZenSati Logo

Ultra High Performance audio cables and power



Unique proprietary technology to redefine phono & digital playback. The MusIC chip corrects amplitude errors, problems in the time domain and phase abnormalities in the output signal.


Trinnov Audio Logo


JMF Audio

JMF AUDIO. The masterpiece DMT3.7 universal transport and a complete comprehensive series of electronics, cables and speakers.


Black CatBlack Cat

Black Cat Cables (Redline, TRON and Indigo)



CD Players and electronics of incomparable design and performance.


Van Den Hul Audio

Van Den Hul Audio Torsion Field Extender


Rockport Technologies Logo

HIGHEND NOVUM resonance control products, precisely tuned in bronze alloy. “Experience music, feel and be touched by it … that is the aim of our work and our products”


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