Welcome to ZenSati (ZenAudio) Australia

NOTICE: We will soon be trading as ZenAudio Australia

ZenSati Australia (ZenAudio Australia) is a small dedicated company.

We import and otherwise represent only things that make our hearts sing. Things made by small companies that have shouldered the risks involved with producing highly specialized works of audio art for the sheer love of doing it. The sensation of immersion into the timeless beauty of music is something worth sharing … and ZenSati Australia is the venue through which we share.

You won’t find our lines in every city, competing with brand-stuffed dealerships looking to convert every soul that walks through the door to something or anything to make that register ring.

We don’t do commodities.

We do MAGIC!

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Our Products

  • Technical Brain EX ZERO Pre, Phono, Power Amplification and Integrated Amps
  • Vertere (the ultimate in analogue and vinyl replay) Reference Tonearm, Reference RG1 Record Player, Stage-1 and Stand-1 Support Systems, SG1 and MG1 Record Players, HB Tonearm Cable, Pulse Cables and D-Fi
  • Robert Koda Pre (K-10 and K-15-EX), Power Amplification (K-160), and MC-ONE Absolute Reference Phonostage
  • Trinity Electronic Design Redefes  Digital and Analogue  with their DAC, PC Drive-Transport-Streamer, Phono, Pre and Power Amplifiers, Cables
  • LA Sound silver and silver alloy cables
  • IKIGAI Cables pure silver and 24ct gold conductors
  • Arteluthe Stiletto speakers
  • Trinity Golden Reference Series Pre-Amplifiers, Phono-Stage and PC drive transport e
  • Wadax Atlantis DAC, Server and Transport
  • TRINNOV AMETHYST & ST2 The Holy Grail for Music
  • JMF AUDIO. The fabulous JFM DMT3.7 Blue Ray Universal transport and a comprehensive range of electronic components and speakers and cables
  • Black Cat cables comprising the magnificent Redline, TRON and the superb new Indigo cables
  • Neodio (Origine Players DACs, other components electronics and the fabulous Origine B1 Anti Resonance Feet)
  • PMR (Passive Multivocal Resonators)

Come along and judge for yourself what our products can do for you.