Welcome to ZenSati Australia

Our products are on display and on demo in our rooms. We will be pleased to demonstrate our products to you and facilitate your purchase.

We are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zensati.australia/

Edgar Kramer’s (Sound Stage Australia) reaction to the sILENZIo Cables in his home system: “wow George, just wow!”

ZenSati Australia distributes Ultra High Performance State Of The Art Audio Products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ZenSati Australia challenges the Status Quo. We are here for the discerning music lover who refuses to follow the crowd. We do not import or distribute “known safe brands” because we do not want more of the same, where changes are only cosmetic both inside and out.

We have new, exciting, innovative products from brilliant designers who have produced products that have surpassed current accepted technologies. We have products that are truly breathtaking in the presentation of music.

This new experience starts with The State Of The Art ZenSati Cables, interconnects, power cords, speaker cables, digital and USB cables and the New Mark Johansen sILENZIo Cables, and the new ZenSati Zorro, and extends to these other wonderful products:

  • Technical Brain EX ZERO Pre, Phono, Power Amplification and Integrated Amps
  • Vertere (the ultimate in analogue and vinyl replay) Reference Tonearm, Reference RG1 Record Player, Stage-1 and Stand-1 Support Systems, SG1 and MG1 Record Players, HB Tonearm Cable, Pulse Cables and D-Fi
  • Robert Koda Pre (K-10 and K-15-EX), Power Amplification (K-70 Gen2), and MC-ONE Absolute Reference Phonostage
  • Trinity Electronic Design Redefes  Digital and Analogue  with their DAC, PC Drive-Transport-Streamer, Phono, Pre and Power Amplifiers, Cables
  • Trinity Golden Reference Series Pre-Amplifiers, Phono-Stage and PC drive transport e
  • Trinity DAC winner of the Sound and Image Awards 2015 DAC Product Of The Year
  • Wadax (redefining Analogue Phono and Digital) with The Pre1 Ultimate TRIO and Hermes Server
  • Wadax Atlantis DAC, Server and Transport
  • TRINNOV AMETHYST & ST2 The Holy Grail for Music
  • JMF AUDIO. The fabulous JFM DMT3.7 Blue Ray Universal transport and a comprehensive range of electronic components and speakers and cables
  • Black Cat cables comprising the magnificent Redline, TRON and the superb new Indigo cables
  • Van Den Hul Extender (torsion field device) in use in our show rooms and available for purchase from us
  • SOtM Networking ultra and USB-ultra regenerating electronics
  • CALLIA USB DAC and pre-amplifier from Prism Sounds
  • Roon Nucleus and Nucleus+ available
  • Dalby Audio Design Bespoke Audio Products, Isolation Devices, Vinyl Stabilizers and Isolation Feet
  • Townshend Audio Turntables, Cables, Allegri Autotransformer Pre-Amplifier, Amplifiers, Seismic Isolation and Podium Speaker Isolating Platforms
  • Neodio (Origine and HR-22 CD Players DACs, other components electronics and the fabulous Origine B1 Anti Resonance Feet)
  • Bricasti Design M1 DAC winner of The Sound And Image Awards Product of the Year 2014
  • PMR (Passive Multivocal Resonators) from High End Novum  The  Ubiquitous  Sound Bowl, and other resonance control devices
  • Transfiguration Proteus Phono Cartridge
  • Ortofon Anna Phono Cartridge
  • Miyajima Madake Phono Cartridge
  • DS Audio DS-W1 Optical Stereo Phono Cartridge
  • Audio Technica ART-1000 Phono Cartridge

Within moments of listening to ZenSati-connected components you will realize how truly amazing these cables are. Simplicity of Design, outstanding attention to detail and quality of components used  is the key to the outstanding performance.

The cables are Super-fast, Neutral and Musical with NO Sonic Signature. Their sonic effects are additive.  Every additional cable or power cord added  improves the presentation  significantly. ZenSati Cables are truly the world’s finest cables.

Come along and judge for yourself what our products can do for you.