The Holy Grail for Music

What do the Trinnov Amethyst and ST2 do? Put simply, they take the room out of the sound and music equation, so that great equipment like the Wadax Atlantis, The Trinity Golden reference, Robert Koda, JMF, Vertere  and ZenSati and your own components can do what they do best: to provide you with NO COMPROMISE in music rendition.

Trinnov takes into account how the sound responds to the room and assigns corrective calibration. It very simply makes adjustments to the EQ, the time alignment, the phase, the delay and everything necessary to remove any unwanted harmonic effect that the room is having to your speakers

The Amethyst and ST2 are effectively computational devices that accept signals and do all of its signal processing in real time, optimising the sound as it encounters what is being input at the time.Enquiries: