ZenSati Australia awaiting the arrival of the magnificent EVOLUTION ACCOUSTICS MM2 and MINIMICRO ONE loudspeakers to use as reference loudspeakers. The Evolution Acoustics speakers will be used at the Australian Audio and AV Show in Sydney at the Sheraton on the Park on October 19th to 21st 2012.

Rockport AVIOR Loudspeakers Demo & Sale

ZenSati Australia has Rockport AVIOR loudspeakers on demo and for sale.

ZenSati Appointed BOB’S DEVICES Exclusive Distributor

ZenSati Australia appointed exclusive distributor for BOB’S DEVICES hand crafted CineMag Blue 1131 (SUT) Step Up Transformers for all MC phono cartridges. http://www.bobsdevices.com

ZenSati Appointed HIGHEND NOVUM Exclusive Distributor

ZenSati Australia appointed exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for HIGHEND NOVUM pure Bell Bronze resonance control products. http://www.highendnovum.de

Dan D’Agostino Used ZenSati Cables At Australian Audio Show

Dan D’Agostino (ex Krell founder) used ZenSati Speaker and IC cables to optimise the sound of his Momentum Master Series Amplifiers with the Wilson Sasha and KEF Blade speakers at the Australian Audio Show in Melbourne 21st to 23rd October 2011.