Nothing Stops Mark Johansen from Reaching New Heights in Performance

ZenSati Seraphim is the flagship cable in the ZenSati Line. Mark Johansen sILENZIo is the flagship cable in the sILENZIO line. Mark Johansen Signature Speakers will debut in Munich High End in May. Frequency response is 10-100000Hz  (10-100kHz). All wired up with Mark Johansen sILENZIo.

WADAX & Mizik in Australia

The WADAX Pre 1 Ultimate TRIO and Hermes Server is in Australia and available for audition. Mizik has also arrived in Australia from the Manufacturers of WADAX. This is trickle down technology from the superb Wadax Phono, Preamp, DAC (The Pre 1 Ultimate TRIO) and Hermes Server. It is beautiful, modular, highly configurable, affordable and […]

Zensati Australia Exclusive Vertere Distributors

The Vertere Reference Tonearm, Reference Turntable, and HB Pulse Reference Phono Cables, as well all other Vertere products are available from Zensati Australia. They currently represent the ultimate in analogue and vinyl replay. Please read the latest Mono & Stereo High-end Audio Magazine Vertere Reference Tonearm review.

Zensati Australia Exclusive Townshend Distributors

The new Podium Speaker Support Systems, the Allegra Pre-Amplifier, Fractal F1 Cables, as well as all other Townsend products including turntables, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, seismic isolation products, are available from Zensati Australia.

Trinity DAC Wins Sound & Image Awards 2015 DAC Product Of The Year

Trinity DAC was awarded the 2015 product of the year DAC at the Sound and Image Awards 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. The judges considered the Trinity DAC to be so far ahead that no highly-recommended award was given to any competitor. The Trinity DAC takes the listener back to the future. There is no upsampling, […]