Trinity DAC Wins Sound & Image Awards 2015 DAC Product Of The Year

Trinity DAC was awarded the 2015 product of the year DAC at the Sound and Image Awards 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

The judges considered the Trinity DAC to be so far ahead that no highly-recommended award was given to any competitor.

The Trinity DAC takes the listener back to the future. There is no upsampling, no upconverting, nor any analogue filtration. The frequency response extends to 3.5MHz and any and every sideband involved in any digital process in digital recording has been eliminated up to 3.5MHz beyond the limits of any commercial amplification. Upsampling is in the analogue domain by a process patented by Dietner Braur called Lianotech.

Truly a formidable, exciting, and utterly-musical DAC! When combined with the Trinity PC Drive Storage Server, it takes you to another planet!