Technical Brain “The Cutting Edge” Reviewed By Jonathan Valin TAS

Technical Brain TPB-Zero EX and TBC-Zero EX are “the highest-resolution, highest-speed, lowest-coloration solid-state electronics” ever reviewed by Jonathan Valin (TAS May-June 2011).

“It will come as no surprise that the Technical Brain TBPZeroEX monoblock amps and TBC-Zero EX linestage are my new solid-state references”, said Jonathan Valin of TAS. “They have certainly set new standards of transparency, neutrality, and resolution… I have yet to hear electronics that are more faithful to sources or more lifelike when those sources are top-notch”.

“What makes the TB gear stand out, audibly, from this very select group (Soulution) is that, in addition to reducing THD and TIM, it also appears to be breaking a stranglehold on the free and lifelike delivery of musical energy that makes other transistor amplifiers, even other great ones, sound just the slightest bit mechanized, veiled, and overly constrained by comparison.” “With Technical Brain gear, you can almost “see” music being made as clearly as you can hear it’

Couple the TBP-ZEROs with ZenSati cables and you indeed have “the new” references. They certainly set new standards of transparency, neutrality and resolution. We have now transcended HI- FI and we now have MUSIC.

Technical Brain amps and preamps have won more Grand Prix awards (given out by the prestigious Japanese audio magazine Stereo Sound) than those of any other small ultra-high-end Japanese manufacturer.